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Like most novelists, I like to do exactly the opposite of what I’m told. It’s in my nature as a novelist. Novelists can’t trust anything they haven’t seen with their own eyes or touched with their own hands.
— Haruki Murakami

I love Haruki Murakami (author of "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle," "1Q84", etc.), and that quote, taken from his acceptance speech of the Jerusalem Award in 2009, embodies the reasons why I find him to be such a genius. I know of few authors who are as imaginatively ambitious as Mr. Murakami, and I hope to someday emulate that level of creative confidence and reckless abandon in my own work. 

Now. Let's pick up where we left off...

As many of my followers know, I kept a blog for a number of years over on my wordpress site. That blog was titled "90% Munz w/ Additives", and covered a variety of topics that lifted the veil on my weird mind and interests. I also have a number of "Well, That Happened" articles posted on the Planet Jackson Hole web page, which offer further insight.

Curious minds may find all of that old material by clicking the following links:

OLD BLOG: 90% Munz w/ Additives 
OLD ARTICLES: Well, That Happened

Now that I have this swanky new website--a labor of love that has caused many a headache and plenty of aimless Googling--I'm excited to add this blog portion back to my body of work. I'm going to be using my website as a bit of a dream treehouse, adding a comfortable amount of my work to it, and futzing with features to deliver a well-rounded glimpse into my creative workings over a variety of mediums. I'll be posting various stories, comedy sketches, illustrations, photos, videos, whatever comes to mind.

I'll also be updating folks on new developments in terms of publishing, productions, and whatever else I might be involved in. I'm moving away from using my personal Facebook page, and much of my communication will take place through my Twitter account, Facebook author page, and, of course, this website.

More content will be added as time marches forward.

Thanks for being here!

- AM